About billsisson

I focus on landscape photography and occasional wildlife photography. Most often I photograph in my home state of Pennsylvania. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful valley in central Pennsylvania with many photographic opportunities nearby. I have also taken repeated photographic trips across the United States, including driving twice from Pennsylvania to Alaska and back. My wife and I have traveled to many countries in Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa, so I have had the good fortune of photographing many places as well as wildlife outside the U.S.
I try to emphasize good composition as well as good lighting in my photography. I enjoy the blue and golden hours, but also appreciate the subtle lighting of overcast days. I have also been trying to expand my portfolio in night photography. I shoot with a Pentax K-1 and only three lenses. I try to take to heart, as a photographer once said, that the most important part of the camera is the twelve inches behind it.